5 Key List Building Strategies And Applying The 80/20 Principle

List Building Strategies 2015

I’ve seen the power of building a list and audience, and over the years I’ve built it to 23,000+ subscribers, half of which are customers. This year I’ll be ramping it up even more.

I’ll be applying the 80/20 principle in all aspects of my business, and I’m definitely going to be applying it in list building. To give you an example of how it works:

What Nine Old Men Can Teach You About Growing Your Business


I rarely accept guest posts on this blog. In fact, this is actually the first guest post I’ve ever accepted.

I want to introduce you someone who I’ve been following for SEO related how to’s. His name is Lewis Ogden of Cloud Income.

I actually approached Lewis to shed some light on SEO to my blog readers, and I’ll definitely have him share it in a future post.

Although I consider Lewis an expert in SEO, his success didn’t happen without his own mastermind group.

For this post, Lewis will explain all about masterminds.

So Lewis, take it away…

Niche Site Experiment #1 Update – A 10x Increase In Traffic With Zero Backlinks

Niche Site Experiment

Welcome to my second Niche Site Experiment update where I share my journey of creating a site outside the typical “make money online” niche and turning it into a profitable business.

At the mid of each month, I’ll share traffic stats and income earned from this experiment. I do this so that you can have an idea as to what sort of results you’ll get by doing this business.

My goal is to apply what I’ve learned in Internet marketing to this site so you can see it unfold into a tangible, passive income earner.

Facebook Ads Ultra Targeting Tactics For More Traffic And Conversions

Facebook Ad Targeting

More traffic? More leads and sales? Start using Facebook Ads!

The problem is knowing how to target Facebook Ads to your audience correctly.

Over the past few months I’ve been investing in Facebook Ads for more page likes, post engagement and generally more blog readers and traffic.

Now I want to show you a few ways on how I have been using it successfully.

PBN Sites Getting De-Indexed And Slapped By Google. What Now?

PBN Deindexed

Since last week, there’s been a lot of sites getting completely de-indexed from Google because of link building to blog networks (PBN) that people have created or buy from in order to “game” Google and rank on the first page in its search results.

I’ve heard more than enough horror stories and people I personally know who have lost 30 website, 50 websites and more overnight as a result of this slap from Google.