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Hey there!

So you spent hours getting your site up making it look real neat because you know that first impressions last.

Next, you wonder…“How do I start getting people to my site?”

That is the biggest struggle.

You could very well apply some SEO to your site in hopes that it’ll rank, but ranking a site these days takes at least 6 months…surely you don’t have time to wait that long?

You could do joint-ventures, article submissions, press releases, join forums, video marketing and podcasting, but it takes way too much time and effort.

So what’s the alternative?

You want a fast and affordable way of generating quality traffic and gaining more readers and sales, but how do you do it?

The power is in Facebook Ads!

Why Should You Use Facebook Ads?

Did you know on average 10% of your Facebook Page fans will ever see your posts?

Sad but true.

The truth of the matter is, Facebook wants you to pay for your posts to be seen by more of your fans and audience.

It makes sense since most people who start pages own a business of some sort.

Instead of following other people who are complaining, you can start using Facebook Ads to reach a heck of a lot more people. I’m talking about thousands more.

Look at it this way, most will not pay which leaves an empty gap for you to scoop up.

Does Facebook Ads Really Work?

Before you jump into conclusions, you probably want to know whether Facebook Ads (in general) works? Well, take a look at results from an experiment I did for one of my Facebook status updates:

Before & After Using Facebook Ads

The left screenshot is a post that was not advertised using Facebook Ads which reached a whopping 108 people (boohoo) — definitely not life-changing.

The right screenshot with the awesome photo from the coast of Italy was advertised using Facebook Ads and reached 110,432 people with a decent amount of post engagements – 26 Likes, 2 comments and a surprising 24 shares.

That’s 100,000+ people I would not have reached otherwise! It’s not the best campaign I ran, but I wanted to show you the power of using Facebook Ads.

Here’s another post that I advertised:

Another Facebook Post

The above was a more recent experiment where I was more wiser with my audience targeting and implement some new tricks that I had learned about Facebook Ads. It reached 14,848 people with a handful of likes and shares.

And What About Using Facebook Ads To Build Your List?

You’re in luck! Facebook Ads works beautifully for lead generation/list building.

Take my test campaign as an example…

After running the Facebook Ad for about 24 hours, here were the results:

Facebook Ads Results

Website clicks: 95
Amount of People Reached: 14,431
Cost Per Lead: $0.33
Total Spent: $13.79

+ 6 Page Likes and 4 Post Likes (icing on the cake).

To sum it up, this campaign got a 43.15% conversion rate!

Not bad for a test campaign!


I hope you’re excited by now because you’re about to discover how I did it all.

I created a training course that you can start taking in today and apply within minutes from now.

Allow me to introduce to you…


adsvantage facebook ads course

Here’s what you’ll get inside the AdsVantage training course:

  • 16 step-by-step video tutorials on my Facebook Ads strategies. I get straight to the point and show you exactly how I use it with nothing left behind.

  • How to get started with your first Facebook Ad

  • Should you use the Facebook Adverts Manager or the “Power Editor”? You’ll discover why the Power Editor is going to make it easy peasy for you to whip out ad campaigns.

  • How to target the 5 essential audience groups that’s going to increase your bottom-line.

  • My simple formula to writing high-converting Facebook Ads that attracts more action.

  • How to import your email list to Facebook Ads and target ads specifically to your list.

  • How much to spend on Facebook Ads, bidding amount and whether to use CPC, CPM or Optimized bidding.

  • How to track your conversion rates from your Facebook Ads to your offer.

Full List of Course Modules


Who Needs This Course?

  • If you’re a blogger and looking for more readers so you can get more comments, social shares and repeat visitors.
  • If you have an ebook, software or membership you’re looking to sell. Facebook Ads traffic converts really well.
  • If you’re looking to get more Likes to your Page and increase your authority in your field.
  • If you’re looking to build your list using Facebook Ads. I convert 50% of Facebook users (US, Canadan, UK and Australian leads) to subscribers and you can too.

What Sort of Results Can You Expect From AdsVantage?

Firstly, results vary from individual to individual. There’s no typical results.

With most things, you would need to put in a lot of time and effort. Fortunately, with Facebook Ads and the strategies I outline in this course, it’s not going to be time-consuming.

Once you’ve set everything up according to the tutorials, you can start promoting your offers, build your list and start making sales.

Sound good?

Let’s get started then!

Get The Entire Course For Just $9.95 Today:

That’s small change compared to the value you’re getting from this course. Click the Add To Cart button below to get started:

 You’ll get instant access to the course modules and videos!

To Your Unstoppable Success,


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