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Living Your Dream Starts Now

The dream. Living the life. Freedom. Living by your own terms.

There are many words to describe this thing that so many are after, and for many reasons.

Each year you make a New Year’s resolution in hopes that this year will finally be your year.

So you begin the year with a bang, knocking down your goals one-by-one.

A few weeks later, reality kicks in.

You’re back to the old vicious cycle of getting up, going to your 9 to 5 job, going home and then start to relax with a bit of tele’. By the time you know it, it’s bed time… and so the cycle repeats each and every day.

You get “busy”. You get caught up. You stop making time to work towards your dream.

Does this all sound too familiar to you?

I’m sure you’ve gone through a time when you dreamed, “One day I’ll start my own business doing what I truly love and enjoy”.

Just the thought of living life by your own terms seems so far fetched.

It’s been over 10 years since I first had a taste of online business and it hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve had many setbacks, challenges and felt like giving up all together.

I’ve been privileged to have people admire what I have achieved and do and how they wish they could one day live the dream.

People have this misconception that just because I work from home, I am living the dream and have it “easy”. That it partly true but it didn’t come without a lot of dedication and long nights putting every effort to make it work.

Yes, truth be told, it’s not easy, but I love what I do, regardless.

So if you’ve ever wanted to chase your dreams or need some inspiration to help you continue it, I’d like to share my story, experiences and words of encouragement with you.

Sound cool?

… great!

Let me share my story with you first as I feel you might be able to relate to it…

Before I started my business, I was working 6 days a week in a supermarket filling shelves and serving customers at the checkout, wondering if there was anything better out there than this dead-end job I was in.

My boss would turn up to work in a nice car while I was working ’till my bones collapsed. I was envious and that motivated me to seek out other opportunities.

I wanted freedom. I was fed up slaving away, taking orders and being fixed with what time I had to start and finish work.

While browsing online for home businesses I could start, I found one particular one that interested me. Little did I know it was about selling overpriced health products to friends, family and neighbours.

I have nothing against it but selling $80 green tea just wasn’t my thing.

That was short lived in just under six months but the mentoring that was provided in the program was priceless.

It introduced me to a book called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It completely changed my mindset about work and money.

In my pursuit to finding what other opportunities were out there, I was surrounded by a lot of negativity and naysayers.

Family, friends and even my boss were really against what I was doing — telling me that I would never make it and that it’s “too hard”.

That negativity made me push even further. I didn’t let them put me down though, instead I trusted my instincts and kept going.

I made my first breakthrough when I created an online giveaway.

I emailed software and other digital product owners and asked if they would like to contribute their product in my giveaway.

In a matter of hours a received dozens of replies, and in just over a month I launched the giveaway.

It was a success.

All those nights burning the midnight oil paid off.

As happy as I was, I didn’t quit my job just yet.

I still had to earn my own money and have some security to supplement my living.

I slowly reduced my work days from 6 days, to 4 days then from 4 days to 2 days as my online income grew.

By the time I knew it, I was making a full-time living and called it quits at my supermarket job. Hooray!

The BIG lesson?

Success is sequential.

It’s a progression and it doesn’t happen overnight.

You know those products guaranteeing success? Well, there’s no such thing.

Those who appear to have succeeded overnight most likely spent years learning and trying new things before making it.

You can’t expect to know everything before you get started, and that’s one of many reasons why you’re struggling to even get ahead.

Before I even made my first sale I had to learn what a domain name was, that lead to how to create a website to taking payments from customers and then to working out how to do proper bookkeeping.

To this day, I’m still learning and that’s one of the great pleasures of working for yourself. You learn, you implement, you watch it grow and then reap the benefits. So keep reading those books, blogs and trying out new things.

Don’t live life with regrets that’s filled with woulda, coulda, shouldas.

It’s okay to have big audacious dreams.

When you make that initiative to STEP UP, things will just magically come together and you’ll attract the right people and opportunities you didn’t see before.

And what about time?

I’ve learned that there’s no such thing as having “no time”. You make time. Everyone is given 24 hours in a day but it’s how you use it that’s going to make a difference.

I’m no productivity guru but I know that to get things done you set your priorities — you write down your goals, set deadlines and do it.

Would you rather wake up knowing you’re doing something you truly love or dread?

I think the answer’s simple.

So go ahead. Take that first step, second step or wherever you are in your journey.

It doesn’t have to be hard. It’s about doing one small thing at a time that’s going to give you big results.

What is it that you can do right now?

Perhaps it’s registering a domain name?

Writing an autoresponder sequence?

Connecting with a potential JV partner?

Even if you’re not in online marketing, if you’re a photographer for instance, why not take those extra snap shots on the weekends? Upload a photo on Instagram and Facebook? Connect with at least one person in your industry?

It doesn’t have to be big.

Just by doing one thing today, you’re already a step ahead to reaching your dream.

Living your dream starts now.

I hope this blog post inspired you one way or another. I truly believe that you can do it.

Your friend,

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  1. Thanks Aurelius, It is always nice to here from you. I know the time it took to write this and it is much appreciated. Hearing the real and down to earth story of a successful IMer is truly inspiring!

      1. Hi Aurelius, I was just wondering why you were hesitant?
        Your story made complete sense. I don’t think we would choose this business if we were born with the proverbial silver spoon.
        And so many people would never put the work into this business to see if they could change their life because it is a lot to learn.
        I have no belief in this from family, friends or co-workers, so I don’t share it with them.

  2. Good job Aurelius! We sure had some good times working @IGA but like most traditional businesses it was a dead end! Nice to read about someone having similar emotions & a similar journey right from the beginning!

  3. Yes it did make me want to gobs k to the computer tomowwow morning and star right where I left off today. Trying to get that 1st e-book to my no list at all. So tomorrow I may send in a request fit some help cause I just can’t seem to make it work I was on the computer from about 10:00am to 5:30 this afternoon. So now I know I need help so tomorrow I’m going to call and get help or send in a request for help to see I’d I can start small and go from there. I have no one to help me at home so I’ll try with Viral.
    Thanks for this.
    Larry Adkison

  4. Hey Aurelius:

    Your experience is inspiring thanks for sharing, I appreciate it.

    I made a decision as a start of my online venture…..For the year 2015 I will be working on the Healing Music Niche and set aside my plans to build the personal finance niche.

    In your message you said something which related to my thought’s…. You talked briefly about not liking what you are doing….deep down inside I can’t stand the personal finance niche but I feel like I should do this because offline that is what I did for 20+ years.

    My experience in the healing music niche isn’t as long but I do have 10 years of experience in this niche and I really enjoy it and enjoy helping people in this capacity. What holds me back is fear of not being good enough to create digital products that would be helpful to others.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

    1. Thanks Carl.

      I would suggest if you aren’t enjoying what you’re doing, ditch it, move on and try something else where you’re a lot passionate about. At the end of the day, passion is what wins. Passion will drive enthusiasm and energy toward your venture. It’ll show from the products, articles and other forms of content that you share online. In addition, producing content and giving advice to others will be a whole lot easier and enjoyable. People will sense whether you’re in it because you believe in it or simply to make money.

      In terms of viability, of course you want to make sure it’s a market big enough that you can actually make money in it. Some simple signs are – are there a lot of products around your niche in marketplaces like Clickbank? Are the top 10 Google results for your keywords product based? Are there any AdWords for your keywords and are they paying much per click (check google keyword tool).

      Don’t let fear stop you my friend. Belief will get you there. You’re an expert when you’re ahead of someone who has less experience than you.

  5. I am rather a novice when it comes to the online business world. I need a step by step recipe to get started. Ideas? Thanks!

  6. Aurelius,

    This blog post was incredible and really inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to write an share this. Well needed article to read, timing was perfect!!


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