My Monthly Growth Report – October 2014

monthly growth report october 2014

Welcome to the fifth Monthly Growth Report!

What Is This Report?

I started these Monthly Growth Reports as a step to growing my online business.

If you want to take a look at my previous Growth Reports, go to this page.

Why am I sharing these reports with you each month?

  • So you can see what worked for me based strategies and tactics I implement each month
  • You can learn from my mistakes
  • To inspire you to continue pursuing your online business
  • As a reminder to track your own progress

Personally, I do these monthly reports for the following reasons:

  • It keeps me accountable and focused to goals I set each month
  • Encourages me to get out of my comfort zone
  • Helps me connect and learn more about my audience

And finally, to set a good example for you to follow — whether you’re brand new to the whole world of online marketing or simply want to learn new ways of growing your business, you’ll find something new to learn.

Each month you’ll find out the latest news in my business, what I’m working on, a full traffic report of my site and key takeaway lessons for the month.

What’s Been Happening?

October was a busy month with the launch of my latest course – AdsVantage. There were 16 video tutorials in total that were recorded and edited. A lot of cropping, editing and uploading I would say,


This product came about after numerous request from readers requesting for a guide/course on Facebook Ads. So

Customers were delighted and satisfied by the course as it gave them a good foundation to start with and grasp knowledge on targeting well on Facebook as well as strategies that they didn’t know about. Some were hesitant to spend money on Facebook Ads but one of the 16 tutorials discusses on bidding, budgeting and your return on investment.


Overall I’ve sold 121 copies of AdsVantage just through my list and without any affiliates. In total it’s generated $1,203.95 in revenue. It’s continuing to sell each day.

The main achievement from this is that I have a solid product that I’m proud to sell over and over again and instead of creating a product that I think that will sell, I created it based on demand.


The next steps for this product would be:

  • Add some testimonials to the sales page. Are you a customer already? Want to add your testimonial? Submit it through the help desk. I’d love to have yours on the sales page!

  • Add an upsell to the product. Surprising but true — there’s no upsell for the AdsVantage course yet but I do plan on adding one. I wanted to get the course out as it was long due. An idea: Ads that converted well for me so that you can model?

  • Integrate JVZoo as the main processor to enable the affiliate program. Right now it’s just a PayPal button.

My “Dead” Niche Site

In the September Growth Report, I reported on a dead niche site I had which showed signs of increased traffic.

What’s the update? Well, during October, the Penguin 3.0 update came around. This was not so much an algorithm change but a refresh.

This was actually good news for my niche site which I called Niche Site: eCommerce. Bare in mind that this isn’t the same site that I’ve been reporting in my Niche Site Experiment.

Traffic has doubled since the update:

niche site ecommerce

Zero link building has been done but now that I’m seeing this improvement, I’ll be putting some effort into improving its rankings. At the moment it sits somewhere around the sixth page for its main keyword, but has a bunch of longer tail keywords on first page.

Anyway, I may plan to give this niche site it’s own monthly updates but with two monthly report already, I think I may be biting more than I can chew!

Niche Site Experiment #1 Update

In case you’re not familiar, this Niche Site Experiment #1 is the other monthly report that I do where I started a brand new site around a hobby and in the process of getting it to rank.

I won’t report too much here as it has its own monthly updates, but I’m excited to share the results from implementing AdSense to the site last month.


The earnings you see were from the past 28 days. It’s in Australian Dollars but it’s equates to almost $1USD anyway. At $60 a month so far, it’s not too shabby!

I’ll save the rest of the updates in the next issue of my Niche Site Experiment.

Let’s get on to main report…

October Traffic Report

Each month I’ll be reporting the statistics of this site that you’re at right now. It provides details of the number of visitors the site is getting and how certain advertising and promotional efforts I put in affect those numbers. It gives a clear indicator as to whether what I am doing is having a positive or negative effect.

Traffic Stats For

Unique Visitors: 1,541 (+96)
Avg. Visits Per Day: 49.71
Pageviews: 4,091 3,921 (+170)
Avg. Time On Site: 02:32 (+13 sec.)
Bounce Rate: 70.17% (-0.28%)

Google Analytics Audience Overview:

Audience Overview c 2014


I decided to remove the Alexa ranking stat as I feel it’s not a good measure of growth. One day the rank is low, the next it’s high.

Overall, traffic has been quite stable but still needs a lot of work to reach my goal of 3,000 unique visitors a month organically.

Traffic Sources

Where does this site’s traffic come from? Here are the top 10 traffic sources:

Traffic Sources October 2014

As always, the number one traffic source is from my email list. This is shown as (direct) / (none). Some readers simply go straight to which is counted as direct traffic.

A handful of traffic came from Facebook with a small Facebook Ads budget.

Also thanks to Steve Brodsky of for mentioning me in his post – The Must Read Online Marketing & Digital Nomad Blogs of 2014 which you can read here.

Top Pages Visited

These have been the most visited pages:

Top Pages October 2014

The top post excluding direct traffic to my blog goes to my Facebook Ads Ultra Targeting Tactics post with 434 views.

Content Published

In October, I published four posts. Here they are and the number of comments and social shares (Facebook Likes, Google+, Tweets & LinkedIn):

Subscribers & Followers

Each month I’ll also be reporting the growth of my email list and social profiles. Bare in mind this is total number of subscribers including sub-lists, customer lists, etc.

Email subscribers: 30,235 (-1,128)
Facebook Page: 2,817 (+50)
Google+: 880 (+436)
Twitter: 1,763 (+44)

Email subscribers decreased drastically as I cleaned up my list (unsubscribes, bounced emails, etc).

Last Month’s Goals

Let’s take a look at the goals I set last month and whether they were achieved.

1. Hit 2,000 unique visitors No
2. Publish 4 new blog posts Yes
3. Write and add 3 new autoresponder messages Yes
4. Launch Facebook Ads course Yes
5. 1 new Warrior Forum "War Room" posts Yes
6. Create a "Getting Started" section on this blog No
7. Add more content to Niche Site #1 Yes

Goals For November

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Hit 2,000 unique visitors.
2. Publish 4 new blog posts
3. Write and add 3 new autoresponder messages
4. Release a new PLR special offer
5. 1 new Warrior Forum "War Room" posts
6. Add more content to Niche Site #1
7. Add more content to Niche Site: eCommerce

Key Takeaways And Lessons Last Month

The AdsVantage project is just another reminder to you and myself that you shouldn’t wait until you have everything right and perfect before you launch. Get it out there first and improve as you go along.

I had no upsell and affiliate program. The members area wasn’t perfect.

Ultimately, waiting for the right time will just end up making you procrastinate and feel overwhelmed.

Looking forward to bringing you another big month!

Thanks for taking the time out to read this report, and do let me know how your month went!

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  1. Thanks for this monthly overview again. It is really helpful for me.
    I am in a similar situation with a ‘dead’ site. Traffic nearly doubled over the last weeks and also the number of conversions increased, I am happy again to pay the hosting bills for that site.
    Will check out your FB Ads course as I am just trying out FB ads and it doesn’t work for me at the moment. Using custom audience and click to website ads.
    Thanks again for this post.
    Wishing you a successful November!

    1. Thanks Tom. Great to hear about your site! Yes, the AdsVantage course shows you how to create custom audiences.

      Good luck to you too!

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