My Monthly Growth Report – September 2014

monthly growth report september 2014

Welcome to the fourth Monthly Growth Report!

What Is This Report?

I started these Monthly Growth Reports as a step to growing my online business.

If you want to take a look at my previous Growth Reports, go to this page.

Why am I sharing these reports with you each month?

  • So you can see what worked for me based strategies and tactics I implement each month
  • You can learn from my mistakes
  • To inspire you to continue pursuing your online business
  • As a reminder to track your own progress

Personally, I do these monthly reports for the following reasons:

  • It keeps me accountable and focused to goals I set each month
  • Encourages me to get out of my comfort zone
  • Helps me connect and learn more about my audience

And finally, to set a good example for you to follow — whether you’re brand new to the whole world of online marketing or simply want to learn new ways of growing your business, you’ll find something new to learn.

Each month you’ll find out the latest news in my business, what I’m working on, a full traffic report of my site and key takeaway lessons for the month.

What’s Been Happening?

I’m officially announcing the launch of my new course on Facebook Ads which will be on Tuesday October 14th 21st, 2014.

What will the course be called? Allow me to introduce to you:


Launch Date: Tuesday October 14th 21st, 2014

To give you a glimpse of what will be in this course, here are some of the training videos I’ve already recorded:

  • How to use the Facebook Power Editor to speed up campaign creations
  • How to create your first Facebook Ad
  • The 5 different target audience groups you should create for more engagement, cheaper clicks and higher conversion.
  • How to import your email list to Facebook Ads and target your email subscribers
  • How to target people who have visited your site before, plus other retargeting tactics
  • How much to bid and budget so you don’t overspend
  • List building with Facebook Ads

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to attract new visitors to your site and use Facebook to generate leads, you’re gonna want to get this.

Sit tight as you’ll hear more about the course in the coming weeks.

My “Dead” Niche Site

In the August Growth Report, I shared some insights of a niche site of mine that died but came back.

This has nothing to do with the PBN penalty that’s been going around.

I was excited about this but it seemed like Google was trying to see where to best place my site.

Here’s what I saw in Google Webmaster Tools previously:

Negative SEO

Here’s an update:


It seemed like it was fluctuating and then was stabilized after about two weeks.

After comparing August sales to September sales for this site, here’s what it turned out to look like:

Niche Site Sales

It more than doubled in sales!

As I analyzed further, I found some of my pages are ranked for quite a few longtail buyer keywords, which is great.

From now, I will call this site Niche Site: eCommerce.

I‘ll keep you updated on how this site goes along the way.

Niche Site Experiment #1 Quick Updates

In August I posted my first Niche Site Experiment report, and how I’m expecting it to make about $1,000 a month from this site within the next 4-6 months.

It has already seen some positive growth with more traffic coming through and longtail keywords being ranked.

I have even more great news about it. I checked my Google Analytics account and saw this:

Niche Site Experiment Analytics

On September 30, it hit 62 website sessions — some promising results indeed, and I do hope to grow it further.

Taking a look at the rank for one of my main target keywords, you can see that it has grown substantially — from #70 down to #17; very close to the first page now!

Google RankThis is with 0 link building from PBNs.

I’ve yet to monetize it with AdSense as it’s still early days, but definitely will. That will be the exciting part as you’ll get to see how much this site earns.

More updates on Niche Site Experiment #1 soon! Exciting times ahead!

Let’s move on to the Unstoppable Profits blog report.

September Traffic Report

Each month I’ll be reporting the statistics of this blog. It provides details of the number of visitors the site is getting and how certain advertising and promotional efforts I put in affect those numbers. It gives a clear indicator as to whether what I am doing is having a positive or negative effect.

Traffic Stats For Ranking: 143,303 vs 152,208
Unique Visitors:
1,445 (-428)
(New Metric) Avg. Visits Per Day: 48.5
Pageviews: 3,921 (561)
Avg. Time On Site: 02:19 (+19 sec.)
Bounce Rate: 70.45% (-3.5%)

Google Analytics Audience Overview:

Google Analytics Overview September 2014

(Click image to enlarge)

Numbers definitely aren’t close to the 3,000 unique visitors (Users) that I’m aiming for, but it’s not stopping me from posting regularly on this blog.

I have added a somewhat new metric to just work out the average number of visitors a day. It’s basically just number of visits over number of days.

Despite not reaching the target number of visitors, this blog is still growing in other areas such as number of readers (subscribers) and social followers.

I also took it easy on Facebook advertising with just a $100 budget.

Traffic Sources

Where does this site’s traffic come from? Here are the top 10 traffic sources:

Top Traffic Sources

As always, the number one traffic source is from my email list. This is shown as (direct) / (none). Some readers simply go straight to which is counted as direct traffic.

Surprising to see is Google at #2 spot. As I looked closer to inspect, it seems to be coming from my 50 Motivational Quotes blog post.

The Warrior Forum has consistently delivered a small stream of traffic since I posted some freebies to its ‘War Room’ category. You can see the tactic I used in my August Growth Report.

Top Pages Visited

These have been the most visited pages:

Top Pages September 2014

The top page is for The Unstoppable Profits Mission, Vision And Core Values post. I implemented Facebook Ads to this post as I wanted it to reach more people, which explains why it’s the top page.

Content Published

Here are the four posts, number of comments and social shares (Facebook Likes, Google+, Tweets & LinkedIn):

Subscribers & Followers

Each month I’ll also be reporting the growth of my email list and social profiles. Bare in mind this is total number of subscribers including sub-lists, customer lists, etc.

Email subscribers: 31,363 (+121)
Facebook Page: 2,767 (+35)
Google+: 837 (+20)
Twitter: 1,719 (16)

Last Month’s Goals

Let’s take a look at the goals I set last month and whether they were achieved.

1. Hit 3,000 unique visitors No
2. Publish 4 new blog posts 3/4
3. Write and add 3 new autoresponder messages Yes
4. Launch Facebook Ads course No,In Progress
5. Post my niche site experiment on this blog Yes
6. 2 new Warrior Forum "War Room" posts No
7. Share at least one useful tip per week on my Facebook Page Yes
8. Create a "Getting Started" section on this blog No

Goals For October

Here are my goals for this month:

1. Hit 2,000 unique visitors.
2. Publish 4 new blog posts
3. Write and add 3 new autoresponder messages
4. Launch Facebook Ads course
5. 1 new Warrior Forum "War Room" posts
6. Create a "Getting Started" section on this blog
7. Add more content to Niche Site #1

Key Takeaways And Lessons Last Month

I have three words to describe what August was about:




In fact, those three are major traits that you should always have.

I’ve been posting consistently on this blog for the past 6 months and have seen it grow, slowly but surely.

Readers, like yourself, have shown a lot of support towards my direction, growth and advice, so I thank you and appreciate it a lot.

This blog doesn’t get anywhere near the amount of traffic that other blogs receive, but I’m happy that I’ve at least built a small community of loyal readers who always come back.

My aim with this blog is not to be a massive authority site where it has multiple guest writers with inconsistent personas and voices, instead I want to keep it personal and authentic by sharing my stories, mistakes, lessons and journey with you. Ultimately, I’m standing by my Mission, Vision and Core Values.

Looking forward to bringing you a ton of cool and new stuff this month!

Thanks for taking the time out to read this report, and do let me know your thoughts!

This Post Has 13 Comments
  1. Hey Aurelius:

    Congrats on your success with your niche site experiment and good stuff on your monthly progress.

    I was reading one of your other posts just recently and curious to know what “Trust Flow” is that you spoke of. Could you elaborate on that when you have a minute.

    My progress for the month of September has been challenging – I am struggling with a decision over two niches – one is the healing music niche and the other is Personal Finance niche – can’t seem to make a decision as to which one to pursue 100% while putting the other one on the back burner.

    Without doing a thing the Healing Music Niche brings about 15-20 visitors a day while the Finance one may see 4-10 a day. The Healing Music niche brought in 2 new subscribers while the Finance one brought none.

    I have posted zero content to either blog, I have a ton of content I can post to the Finance Niche but for the Healing Music Niche I am constantly struggling with what to post.

    For the Healing Music Niche I did create a music product while the Finance Niche I haven’t created a product (I started but have not even come close to finishing) – What would you do in this situation if you were faced with this challenge? Don’t mean to put you on the spot but I would be curious on your thoughts here.

    I have to get moving in a positive direction soon. 🙂 People are depending on me. Thanks in advance Aurelius.

    1. Thanks Carl!

      Great to hear you sharing your results here. 15-20 visits a day is a great start!

      You should keep both sites but put more priority on the Healing Music site as that is closer to getting more traffic.

      If you’re running out of content to post to your blog, check out my 30 content starters post:

      Don’t worry about creating a product just yet. Post more content to your blog first to gain some traction and readership. Work on using social media too to increase readership.

      Good to hear things are moving forward, Carl. Keep it up and let us know how you progress!

  2. Hey Aurelius,

    I have been a long time lurker on your blog, first time commenting.

    I want to congratulate you on your success so far! Gotta say my favorite posts of yours is the 30 content starters. I actually have it printed out next to my desk and I look at it every time I need to brainstorm a blog post. Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Steve. Welcome and thanks for following my blog!

      Printing out the 30 content starters is a great idea whenever you need some ideas for blog posts!

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

  3. Hi Aurelius,

    I appreciate your honesty with your goals. That cant be easy.

    #8 gets to me. I am working on lists and then #8 will be my next step. I see that it is really important because YOU listed it.

    I also see that maybe I am not a complete “slug” on getting it done, if you haven’t gotten to it either.

    With your honesty and another mentors as well, that has shared similar things recently (both of you give a lot, are growing you businesses and are great people),

    I realized that I haven’t made a commitment to creating a real business yet. I haven’t set those small goals to make it one.

    When you admit that you didn’t achieve a goal, that is as important as the goals that were achieved (if not more)

    It is like a forming Star gaining momentum over time and then–In one moment–it become a Real Star.
    Thanks for your continued training and sharing! Be well, Mary

    1. Hi Mary. Yes, #8 has been on my list for a while now but haven’t gotten around to it.

      I appreciate you returning to my blog.

      I hope you tackle lots of goals this month!

  4. Hey Aurelius,

    Great work on the blog and the niche sites man – it seems we’ve both had the same ups and downs recently!

    Hopefully everything is now on the up and up – remember slow and steady wins the race 🙂

    – Lewis

  5. I like the approach you had to your blog, just out of curiosity, what methods you use to promote your blog posts? I rely heavily on my email list and my online community and now im experimenting with a mix of social media sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, and Facebook. Also, best of luck with your product launch, I wrote a blog post about retargeting and willing to let you add it to your product package as a bonus or use for prelaunch content.

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