Niche Site Experiment #1 – Intro To My $1000 Per Month (Potential) Site

Niche Site Experiment 1

In my August 2014 Growth Report, I talked a little about the niche sites that I’m working on.

This will be the first official report for my niche site experiment. The purpose of doing this experiment is so that you can follow along as I build a site from scratch and ultimately start making money from it so that you’ll be closer to living the freedom lifestyle.

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When I refer to “niche marketing”, I mean anything not related to the “make money online” topic, even though it means a segment of people in a specific market.

I’ll be implementing what I have learned in online marketing to this niche site.

A Little Background On My Niche

For this Niche Site Experiment #1, I have already started a site. As much as I’d like to reveal the domain name, I can’t. I’ve heard more than enough horror stories of other niche marketers revealing their sites and later being hit be negative SEO (myself included). However, all I can say is that it’s in the “hobbies” niche.

My strategy is to create a site using WordPress, post content that serves to help people in this niche and then monetizing using Google AdSense. I’ll be creating a resourceful site that will last for years to come, despite any Google slaps.

Currently the keywords I am targeting are totaling approximately 17,000 searches per month in Google US with the highest CPC (cost per click) keyword being $28.00.

I purchased an expired domain name that was highly relevant to the keywords I am targeting and has some existing authority to it. The reason why I used an expired domain name is because I wanted to avoid the “Google Sandbox”. You could say it’s for SEO purposes.

Back in the day you could register a domain name, put one article on it and rank on the first page, these days you would need to wait 4-6 months until Google ranks your pages for your keywords.

With an expired domain name, you skip this sandbox. Some say it is theory and that there’s no strong evidence that expired domain names do indeed pass this sandbox, but I have tested myself to see the results and they have been positive.

You can say that I had a little headstart, but it’s part of this experiment.

What’s surprising is that I have done zero link building so far!

Current Site Stats

To give you an idea of where the site sits at at the moment, here’s a snapshot of the Google Analytics account:

buy expired domains

An overview of the Analytics and timeline:

  • Domain name purchased on August 9th, 2014.
  • Built the site and put 10,000 words of content separated into 5 articles.
  • August 17th – first signs of traffic from Google indexing and ranking the pages.

Today the traffic peaked at its highest it’s ever been — not a mind-blowing amount but definitely a good sign of progress.

By the way, all the traffic is coming from Google at the moment.

Here are the stats from Google Webmaster Tools:

Expired Domain Niche Marketing

A steady growth with 125 queries, 1,493 impressions and 59 clicks.

Remember, I’ve yet to do any sort of link building.

My Next Steps

  • I have not monetized the site yet since it’s still early days. Once it hits about 20 or so visitors a day, then I will be implementing AdSense to it.  But when I do add it, it’ll be interesting to see how much it’ll earn a day, considering I’ll be averaging about $15-$20 per click!

  • I will start building links to the site this week and get some social shares to it since social signals do have some weight in Google’s eyes.

  • In addition, I’ll be posting up more content to the site to target some more keywords, especially long-tail keywords.

How Much Will It Make?

Knowing how much this site will make is a little difficult, since rankings do fluctuate, algorithms update, trends can go up or down, etc.

Assuming that my pages do rank on the first page and that I continue link building and posting content, I am looking to make at least $1,000 per month from this site in 4-6 months time, that’s in January – March 2015.

When it does start making money, you’ll definitely know about it since I’ll be reporting it!

To Be Continued…

With that said, I hope you’re excited as I am about this experiment. It’ll be great to see if what I learned about niche marketing and SEO really works, but as you have already witnessed, it’s so far, so good.

For now, I wanted to give you a brief intro of what I’m currently working on.

In my next report, I’ll be showing you how I found the niche and researched for the keywords. In addition, I show you how to buy expired/dropped domain names.

What are your thoughts on this experiment?

Are you currently working on one or a few niche sites and having success?

Ever tried using an expired domain name to build a site on?

Have you ever had a go at building a niche site?

Let me know in the comments box below so we can start a discussion!

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  1. Hi Aurelius, nice post. Quick question, you stated that you purchased an expired domain. Were you looking for domains that had traffic and built a niche site that was related to the content of the domain, or did you find expired domains with traffic and decided to make the content unrelated to the domain?

    1. Hi Doug. I looked for a domain with a few signs of metrics. They are: Domain Authority (DA) of 20 or more, Trust Flow of 10 or more and making sure that the domain was not previous penalized by Google or spammed with backlinks.

      I use tools like to check for the domain authority, for the Trust Flow and to find what existing backlinks a domain has.

      Ultimately, I want a clean domain that meets those criterias.

      It doesn’t need to have traffic. And yes, they must be related. If the expired domain name was previous about Traveling, then I would want to make sure the content I place is about that too since any backlinks that exist are coming from relevant sites.

      1. “And yes, they must be related. If the expired domain name was previous about Traveling, then I would want to make sure the content I place is about that too since any backlinks that exist are coming from relevant sites.”

        Ok, I think it’s a smart strategy. It’s kind of like when an old restaurant closes in one location and a new one replaces it. The previous restaurant may get some decent foot traffic depending on is location which may allow the new restaurant to get prospective customers without any additional advertising.

        1. Yes, somewhat right, but it’s more about staying relevant so that any existing backlinks will still hold some value. A good resource to use for checking what a previous site used to look like is the Wayback Machine –

  2. Very interesting case study, Aurelius. I am looking forward to the next report. I am curious about your plan for content. Do you plan on adding more — regularly? Or is what you have… what you plan on using?

    Best of luck and thanks again!


    1. Thanks Chris.

      Fresh content is always good. I’ll most likely be posting 2-3 new posts a month to start with. Link building is more important at this stage since the site is still new I’m trying to get it to rank first.

      More content will eventually mean more money since having more pages diversifies your reach.

  3. Hi Aurelius, Thank you for the blog!

    This is a newbie question. What exactly is a niche site?

    Is it a site that has a small amount of content and then uses AdSense for mentation?
    Do you keep it up with content and a list?
    Why is this better than a blog?
    I haven’t been very clear on this since I learned about it. Thanks! Mary

    1. A niche site is considered a site with 1-50 pages. Anything above, I would consider an authority site.

      A niche site is basically a blog. I use WordPress which is a blogging platform. However, the main difference is that niche sites are more static where you have a fixed home page while a blog is updated on its home page.

      1. Hi Aurelius,
        This is so refreshing.
        So no trawling through products, services or affiliates, just a blog.
        Sounds exciting.
        Best of Luck,

  4. Hi Aurelius,

    Very interesting post, I did enjoy the break down on your niche it looks simple but we all know that it takes work and patience.

    Can’t wait for your next post to see the results but I know for sure it will be great.

    So Aurelius thanks again, have nice day.

    1. Thanks Antonio! Yes, I’m going to share some insights on niche research. I’m also focusing on getting traffic and link building naturally, which is the ultimate traffic goal.

  5. I have been looking around and educating myself, obviously needlessly, on so many things. Trying things out here and there and have never ever come across someone who is as helpful with their information as you seem to be. I have to say that what I have seen and read so far, that I am extremely impressed with your stuff and will be following along from now into the future. Thanks for being transparent and helpful.

      1. Hi Aurelius, been busy reading blog posts. So much good content. Anyway, I was wondering if you have any new data on this experiment. Your site is full of great content on IM.

        1. I’ve discontinued posting reports on this. The site is stable at the moment and so far earning from AdSense. I’ve yet to give Amazon a try as a means of monetization.

          So far the main post is ranking #1 on Google which is gets about 2000 searches a month.

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