Niche Site Experiment #1 Update – A 10x Increase In Traffic With Zero Backlinks

Niche Site Experiment

Welcome to my second Niche Site Experiment update where I share my journey of creating a site outside the typical “make money online” niche and turning it into a profitable business.

At the mid of each month, I’ll share traffic stats and income earned from this experiment. I do this so that you can have an idea as to what sort of results you’ll get by doing this business.

My goal is to apply what I’ve learned in Internet marketing to this site so you can see it unfold into a tangible, passive income earner.

As much as I’d like to reveal the exact site, I can’t to protect the site from sabotage. However, you’ll find the steps, methods and techniques I used to put this site together.

The niche I have chosen and researched on is one around a hobby.

The Update

I’m excited to bring you this issue because this site has experienced close to 1000% increase in website visitors in the last 30 days! Yes, that’s 10x the traffic!

The site is ranking for more keywords and rankings have increased with some top 10 results all with zero backlinks so far, just existing backlinks from when I purchased the domain name. More on that in the first issue.

It’s still early days to tell where my pages will rank but so far rankings have been quite stable. You’ll see in the traffic stats below.

So far the site has about 10,000 words of content split into about 7 articles. Each article has a minimum of 1,200 words. Tip: Increase the length of your posts if you want to rank high on Google. I’ve yet to post any new content but I will these next 30 days so that I can get even more traffic.

If you want to take a look at the first issue of the Niche Site Experiment and how I started it, take a look here.

Let’s dig into the juicy bits…

Last 30 Days Traffic Stats

Here are the latest Analytics for the site, dates September 15 – October 15.

Unique Visitors: 1,038 (+905)
Avg. Visits Per Day: 35
Pageviews: 1,374 (+1,017)
Analytics Sep-OctAt this rate, I think it’ll outbeat the traffic I’m currently getting from this blog!

Top Traffic Sources

Where does this site’s traffic come from? Here are the top 10 traffic sources:

Traffic Sources Sep Oct

The majority of the traffic comes from Google, which is great to see that natural search engine traffic is coming through.

The ones that are blurred out are from some blog commenting that my assistant did. Basically he visited sites related to the niche site and placed comments. Although blog commenting is not an effective way of link building, it’s still a great way to join the community and establish yourself in the market by adding a valuable comment to the posts.

Webmaster Tools

Another set of statistics I’d like to report is Google’s Webmaster Tools.

You’ll see the number of queries, impressions and clicks.


Queries: 434 (+309)

Impressions: 9,775 (+8,282)

Clicks: 606 (+547)

It’s awesome to see that my site is ranking for a lot more keywords, which explains the reason for the 1000% traffic increase.

The site is definitely ranking for a lot more longtail keywords which is usually the easiest way to rank your pages rather than going for very difficult, broad terms.

Queries means the number of keywords that people searched for where my page was shown in the Google results.

Impressions are the number of times my pages were displayed in the results.

Clicks are the numbers of times my pages were clicks from the results.

Search Engine Rankings

Let’s see where some of my keywords are ranked on Google:

Main Keywords
Keyword #1 rank: 21
Searches per month: 2400

Keyword 1

Longtail Keywords

Some additional data for longtail/lower searched terms.

Keyword #2 rank: 2
Searches per month: 260

Keyword 2


Keyword #3 rank: 1
Searches per month: 110

Keyword 3


Keyword #4 rank: 5
Searches per month: 210

Keyword 4

Income Earned

So far I haven’t monetized the site in any way as I wanted to build some natural traffic first and let Google crawl my site.

However, with 35 visitors on average visiting a day (and growing), I think it would be great to see what sort of earnings I’ll get from placing AdSense ads.

Next 30 Day Goals

Lessons And Takeaways

  • It pays to have high-quality content on your site. You get what you pay for when hiring a writer.
  • On-page SEO is crucial. Lots of my pages are ranking in the top 10 results naturally just because of good on-page optimization.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Should I start adding some AdSense ads to the site to start seeing some earnings?

Or should I wait it out and add more content first?

And let me know if you enjoyed this report so I can do more of these!

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  1. Congrats, since you got Google traffic coming keep adding content and try to scale that up. Once you have consistent visitors flowing to it then the next step to figure out whether you should create a product, sell advertising, promote affiliate products, or do all three. Couple of questions:

    1. How much content you published on the sites and whats the estimate of the total word count?
    2. What strategies you used to promote your content
    3. Do you plan on outsourcing content creation in the future?

    1. Thanks!

      I’ll be placing AdSense ads on the site this week as a way of monetization.

      When the site grows in readers and content, I might consider creating an info-product or course around the subject.

      As mentioned in the blog post, there’s 10,000 words split into about 7 articles so far.

      So far most of the traffic is coming from Google.

      I outsourced 100% of the content.

  2. It’s very enlightening to read your step by step discussion. I feel much more confident of my skills, by reading where you fit everything together in the ranking process. This essay is a big plus in pulling my learning all together.

  3. Great stuff, Aurelius! Not seeing referrals there from Pinterest – for my niche sites Pinterest drives more traffic than any of the other social media sites. Should be a natural for whatever niche you’re building this site in…

    1. Hey Doug! Thanks for the tip. Yes, I use Pintrest on another niche site I’m experimenting with and have gotten quite a fair bit of traffic from that source itself.

      I can do dozens of other things and will get to it.

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