UP 001: Podcast Introduction & 21 Online Business & Productivity Super Tips

Unstoppable Profits Podcast Episode #1


Welcome to the first ever session of The Unstoppable Profits Podcast.

I’m so excited that it’s now live and running (thank you Apple). It’s something that’s been on my list of “Would Love To Do”, and now it’s finally here. I didn’t realize how easy it was, but after watching a few video tutorials, I managed.

Why I Started This Podcast

There’s a few reason why I started this Podcast:

  • To share my tips and techniques on online marketing, mindset and productivity.
  • To help you where ever your position may be in your online business.
  • To build relationships with new and existing subscribers.
  • To build my brand and add value to the market.
  • To reach out to a different type of audience – those who use their iPod/iPhone/iPad/mobile device.
  • To provide another way for existing and new subscribers to learn.
  • I’ll also have some special guests sharing their story and tips on this Podcast, too.

Personally, despite my lack of public speakings skills (at least in my opinion) I started this Podcast to “get out of my comfort zone”, to practice my speaking skills and to share & teach as much as possible because it gives me so much joy and a sense of achievement when I know that I’ve helped people. So please bear with the “filler words” I used such as the “umms”, “so’s”, “you knows”, and what not. I know over time and with lots of practice, I’ll hopefully become a better speaker 🙂

The Unstoppable Profits Podcast Episode #1

In this first episode I share a quick intro as to what this podcast is about and what to expect. I’m also going to share my 21 super tips to supercharge your online business and help you get more done.

You can play the podcast using the audio player above or tune in on iTunes.

Resources mentioned in this Podcast Episode:JTM150

Just The Meat – My most popular eBook. I based this podcast episode on this eBook. The eBook is free to download.

AWeber – I recommend this autoresponder service to build  your mailing list.

“Inbox Zero” (mentioned in Tip #11) – You can search for “inbox zero” to find resources on how to de-clutter your inbox.

Quote (mentioned in Tip #7): “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you can sell him fishing equipment.”

Meetup.com – A site where you can join meetup groups. Great for networking with like-minded people.

Dropbox – Cloud storage and sharing. This might be my #1 tool/app that I use daily.
My Facebook Page – To take a look at the types of content I share and how I connect/socialize with my fans.

Podcast Page – A page I setup on this blog with details on how to subscribe, and where I’ll be sharing past episode blog posts.

The 21 super tips I shared in this episode (simplified):

  • #1 The Power Of Less
  • #2 End Multitasking
  • #3 End the Habit of Being a Perfectionist
  • #4 Stretch Your Comfort Zones
  • #5 Got An Idea? Blog About It
  • #6 Your Number One Asset In Your Business
  • #7 Teach A Man To Fish
  • #8 The Money’s In The Relationships
  • #9 What’s In It For Me?
  • #10 Systematize and Streamline
  • #11 From 1,000 Unread Emails to Zero
  • #12 The “Recipe” to Success
  • #13 The 80/20 Rule
  • #14 Drop it All in Dropbox
  • #15 “Ready-Made”
  • #16 Viral Marketing 101
  • #17 How To Accelerate Your Success
  • #18 Listen To Podcasts While Commuting
  • #19 Do Something Each Day
  • #20 Keep Learning
  • #21 There’s Never a Right Time

If you enjoyed this podcast episode, subscribe (free) here. It would mean so much to me. As a subscriber, you’ll automatically get the latest episode, and you can go through previous episodes anytime.

Thanks so much for reading and tuning into my first ever podcast. It’s been a pleasure recording the first episode, and I’m definitely pumped to release Episode #2 in a couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I’d really love to know what you think about this Podcast of mine. Simply leave your comments/feedback below and I’ll respond to it.


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  1. Top work Aurelius! Good solid tips.. congrats on getting out of your comfort zone and pushing this out! Hope to see many more from you!


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