UP 006: How To Get Software Created For You Without Paying Anything



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In this episode of the Unstoppable Profits Podcast, I give you a behind-the-scenes of what I’m currently working on and more importantly, how to get software developed for you without costing you a single thing.

It’s my first time creating an actual WordPress plug-in but isn’t the first software I’ve created.

If you’ve always wanted to get your own software or app developed but don’t have the seed funding to start it, then this technique is what you want to use.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast Episode

Elance.com – post your projects and find developers, designers, writers, etc.

oDesk.com – another freelance site.

You’ll definitely hear more about my upcoming WordPress plug-in very soon. So far, the development is on schedule…hooray!

Let me know your thoughts on this method of getting products created.

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  1. Hi Aurelius,

    Thanks for sharing this “tip”. I figured you were going to mention a JV with the developer(s) and while I’ve not done such a JV like that before, I have had 2 WordPress plugins developed and sold those for good profit.

    I would say though, especially if you’re new to having something like a plugin outsourced/developed that you explain to the developer(s) that they need to be available in case of support/questions from buyers. If you sell tons of copies, you’re going to have people from newbies to experienced (as far as WP) but also people with different server configurations, etc. and stuff often “breaks”.

    All I’m saying is, if you personally aren’t the developer then you may struggle to answer support questions unless the developer understands part of their role is to answer questions, fix bugs, etc. This goes for down the road when WP makes changes or whatever.

    Overall, it’s great advice and the fact you told them that you have the IM skills to recruit affiliates etc. is great. Not sure what a “newbie” would say to convince a developer to split the commissions but you could create a whole product showing how to do this. 🙂

    Anyway, best of luck and in my experience, creating time/money saving plugins can be hugely profitable but also very helpful for your customers. Just keep in mind that your developers need to be on hand for support and maybe work that into your 60/40 agreement? There’s nothing like having to hunt down your developers to get answers to anxious customers lol.

    Cheers and thanks for the podcast (it’s the first one I’ve listened to from you)


    1. Awesome response, Scott 🙂

      Yes, in other words, I’m doing a joint-venture with the team.

      Great advice on the tech support. They’re definitely handling all tech support. Any breaks would most likely be reported from users and would be fixed accordingly.

      A beginner would be able to do such a deal by simply showing a marketing plan that they’ll be implementing.

      I have complete trust in the team as their reputation is at stake, too.

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