UP 007: Online Entrepreneur Success Story: Frank Bauer



In this episode of the Unstoppable Profits Podcast, I invited a long time friend and online entrepreneur, Frank Bauer.

Find out how he got started, mistakes he made, how to get started and how he’s making a full-time income from his own products and services.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast Episode

FrankBauer.name – Frank’s blog and website where you can learn more about him and his products/services.

ViralURL.com – Link cloaking tool.

oDesk – Freelance site.

Freelancer.com – Another freelance site.

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  1. Great content! I hope you can make more podcasts soon. I do realize you’re doing so much projects that it must be hard to find time to do podcasts.
    But I’ll be waiting for more!

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