UP 008: Quitting a $300K Job To Pursue His Online Business with James Schramko

Unstoppable Profits Podcast Episode 8

James Schramko

In episode #8 of the Unstoppable Profits Podcast, I invited Aussie online entrepreneur James Schramko to share his story on how he went from a $300K /year job to quitting and making a killing online.

James will also share:

  • Why you should “Own The Racecourse”.
  • Why you should stop looking for quick fixes and instead build a business that’s based on long-term strategies.
  • How a simple “cheat sheet” evolved into generating 20,000+ highly-responsive subscribers.

It’s all inside this episode of the Unstoppable Profits Podcast featuring James Schramko.

Resources Mentioned In This Podcast Episode

SuperFastBusiness.com – James Schramko’s main business site where he shares his podcasts, blog posts and you’ll find his products/services there.

Own The Racecourse – A free course by James on how to build your own platform.

The Lean Startup (book) – A great book if you have an idea but want to learn how to “validate” it first.

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